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Industries served

Our competencies at your service Our experience with connectors
led us to become supplier for
various fields of activites
Aeronautics Aeronautics AMD Electronique supplies contacts for civil as well as military aviation’s connector needs.

Our contacts are used in aircraft cablings, on board equipments as well as for transmission needs.

Other purposes: Maintenance operations and test benches
Industry AMD Electronique supplies contacts for various industries.

Electrical goods, Electrical vehicles, Offshore, Oceanography, and many more…

Due to our experience, we can adapt to various environments and be functional wherever we are needed.
Nuclear NUCLEAR AMD Electronique supports you in developing products that are needed to securely work in harsh environments.

In order to meet such requirements, we co-develop prototypes together with your R&D teams.

Our reactivity is a further very important advantage in managing such projects.
Aerospace AEROSPACE AMD Electronique has more than 35 years experience in supplying coax components for the space industry.

Our parts are mainly used for ground based needs, simulators, launchers and satellites.
All our contacts meet electromagnetic and temperature variation requirements of such environments.

In order to guarantee zero default requirements of this industry, all our parts are 100% controlled.
Military MILITARY AMD Electronique supplies contacts for military connector needs.

Our parts are used in all four army corps (land forces, navy, air forces, police).

They are mainly used for radio transmissions, in military aircrafts, lighting devices, tactical equipment as well as laser guidance appliances.

All those components are special developments used in demanding environments and we currently work on developments for fighters of the future.
Telecom TELECOM:
Military and Civil
AMD Electronique has adapted to changing requirements of telecom industries.

Our flexibility and reactivity has helped us to keep up on all those continuously changing technologies.

We are able to assemble microcomponents of tenth millimeter sizes in order to satisfy increasing demands concerning size reductions.
Sport : F1, Fencing SPORT :
F1, Fencing
AMD Electronique is present in Sports.

We have worked with the most renowned suppliers in F1 Sports and succeeded in satisfying their requirements concerning vibrations.

We developed wireless prototypes of foil and dagger tips for fencing sports.

Our Team accompanies your projects.
Railway RAILWAY AMD Electronique supplies contacts for rolling stock as well as various other infrastructures.

The components are assembled in waterproof connectors in order to withstand tough climatic environments of railway equipments.
Offshore OFFSHORE Specialized in supplying assemblies and subassemblies for the connector industry. Contact Occeanography Oceanography Specialized in supplying assemblies and subassemblies for the connector industry. Contact

Our ambition

Be renowned for our mastery and our performances by standing out thanks to our innovations and diversification.